Don't Go That Way: Protect Your Purpose

Don't Go That Way: Protect Your Purpose


"Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad in life, not sure which direction you should go? You have tried so many different things and it just seems like you keep ending up back at the starting line.


Being connected to God in every season of your life is vitally important. There are so many things that we will face in our lives and if we are disconnected from his word we won't know how to handle it. 


I learned the hard way, countless tests and trials threatened to steal my joy and take my life. I missed so many warning signs that were there to protect me. And I ignored the directions there to guide me to my purpose. 


The amazing thing about God is that he is always with us! And when we are ready and tired of trying to figure life out alone, he will lead and guide us every step of the way!"



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