Protect Your Purpose

Relationship Circle

Relationships cultivate and shape us, so it is very important on our journey as we Protect our Purpose to be surrounded with the right relationships. Overseer Jay T. Harrison of True Vine MFGBC in Chester, PA will give us practical tips for Protecting our Purpose in our everyday relationships. 


I’m Not Built to Break! (I’m my enemy’s worst nightmare)

By Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.

September 2018

Daniel 3: 7-24

I want to speak this word of life and encouragement to those of you who have been under what appears to be unusual attacks. To those who have attracted a certain number of haters who have unfairly plotted against you, they lied on you and have caused so many to even walk away and turn their back on you! They are behind the plot to shut you down, and the storms you are facing because you dare to be different. This has caused your enemy to plot against you, they will try to cause you to bow down to your situation and circumstances that are now heated seven times hotter than even before!

I wanted to encourage you today, those are willing to shake it off and get to that place called destiny.

"You were not built to break!"

The enemy thought all the things you've been through were going to cause you to throw in the towel. There were some areas of your life where you possibly failed, and at times stepped out of position, the enemy was waiting for you to give up or break during those times. In the seasons where it appeared you were being unfruitful, the enemy thought you would throw in the towel there as well. But you have the unshakeable faith in God to believe that in spite of what you've been through God is still able to deliver you out of all the troubles you may be facing.

The enemy of your faith journey has turned up that heat against you, but remind yourself that you are not built to break! No, weapon formed against you shall prosper!

God has gifted you to do something special and the enemy knows that you are a threat to his kingdom of Darkness. He is throwing everything he can in your direction hoping you would bow down to the false images he has set up. Little does the enemy know is that you were created to be victorious in any and every situation you encounter.

The enemy will try to rob you of all your resources and try to destroy your ability to produce fruit. But what he fails to understand is that God allowed the enemy to bump you so you could shift back to your rightful spot. It was necessary and would only end up working for your good. You have to constantly remind yourself that, “I’m not built to be broken, I’m my enemies worst nightmare”.

The very things that have tried to bring you down will work for your good

Deciding What to do!

By Overseer Jay T Harrison Sr.

August 2018


Ever found yourself stuck trying to make the right choice as to who you are going to connect with? Or, just trying to decide which way to go? I hope you will take a few seconds and consider these very important thoughts on this very subject. I often discovered that many are stuck or even fail to reach their personal best in life because they decided to go with the wrong person. They made their decision based on so called facts, their feelings or just out of fear. None of those are the right standard or principle to use when making an important decision that will affect your future.

Fear only allows you to look at the past and any current problems you may be facing, it only whispers doubt and hopelessness. Our feelings only see self-gain or loss, it can’t look wait for what is coming in the future. Your feelings say you have to have it right now! Then there are those who use only facts to make decisions, here is the problem with fact alone, facts are based on the following sources; experiences, education, environment, and encounters. But as a believer we are challenged to make decisions based on the will of God for our life. Making what I call a faith decision, that means you walk by faith and not by sight.


 When we make a faith choice or decision we include God in our thoughts about the situation. Yet the other standards do not acknowledge God at all.  It’s true, only a faith decision includes God’s thought about your life, his will and way for life. Oh! I know it’s not easy and a struggle if you are leaning on either one of the other sources to make decisions, because they are not subject to the will of God!


Listen you are about to get a second at life, don’t make the same bad decisions. Stop allowing your feelings, fear or what the facts say make the same decision as you did before. Ask God for His thoughts, and His will for your life. Look into the Bible and see what He is saying to you about the plans for you, believe me He has one!  In order to do that you must walk by faith and not by sight. It comes down to having this type of attitude in this season of your life.  “Not my will, but thy will be done.

A Clear Sign on When to Let Them Go!

By: Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.

July 2018

(Jonah 1: 1-16)

One of the most challenging parts of pursuing a healthy relationship is knowing how to let the wrong people go! Too many people find themselves connected to the wrong person that are not the right or even healthy fit.  To make matters worse, most relationships try to make wrong matches fit, when in fact they are not meant to go with them in the first place.

Listen, as an individual one needs to first know where they are headed in life. What are your values? What do you believe in? Those are very key and important questions that need to be asked when pursuing new relationships. Please! Don’ t fall for the old saying opposites attract!  No! You need to think before heading down the road with someone and find out if they are truly in agreement with you and where you are in life.

The danger of just letting anybody tag along with you is not knowing who they are, and what they are assigned to do.


In the Biblical story about Jonah who was swallowed by a great fish for refusing to go and do what he was assigned to do by God. There were men who were headed to a city called Tarshish by boat. Jonah who is a servant of God was supposed to go to Nineveh and warn the people about their unrighteous ways and God’s judgement against them. But instead Jonah fled to Tarshish from the presence of God.


1.          If they won’t follow God, be careful taking them on a life journey with you Jonah 1;3

2.          He wasn’t going to Tarshish for the same reason as the other men on the ship were, he was simply trying to hide from the presence of God. (Jonah 1;3) You have to make sure why someone wants to get on board with you. Before you launch out into this relationship ask questions first. Don’t wait until the storms come and things start falling apart.


(Who are you? What is your occupation? Where are you from?)

You can’t get caught up in just how good someone looks or what materials they have. Please get to know what’s on the inside of someone!  You’ve got too much to lose to waste time on someone you shouldn’t be with in the first place! 

The men on the ship headed to Tarshish excepted a safe travel. But because the wrong person was on board they found themselves tossing valuables overboard that they needed. To make matters worse they had to work even harder just to make it. And what is the wrong person doing who should have never been let on board? Sleep!

3. If they’re not interested in helping you get to where you are headed. Only looking for a free ride! Laying down sleep! You’ve got to let them Go! (Jonah 1: 6,12) 

4. Why should you do all the work while you lose everything trying to hold onto the wrong person? Jonah (1: 5,13)

When you discover who they are, and what they are supposed to do, let them go! Get them off your ship so you don’t lose everything. Don’t be afraid to let go. When you let go the drama will stop!

(Jonah 1:15) 

Also, remember if they are willing to run from God, then they will one day run from you! Don’t ignore the clear signs of who to allow on board with you.

Will He Pray?

By: Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.

June 2018

One vitally important attribute that a man must have is a prayer life! Prayer is the key that has the ability to unlock the door to God’s heart and reveal his identity to connect with you in such an intimate and personal way. In fact when a man communicates with the Father on a daily basis he will receive precise instructions from God what to pray for according to his wife, his family and the assignment on each of their lives. However, I need you to understand that praying is more than simply going to God with your requests and demands; prayer is an opportunity for you to thank God for allowing you to have such an awesome responsibility of interceding for your spouse, your marriage and your family.

There is so much that occurs in the spiritual realm when a man talks to God on a daily basis; he will discover the necessary tools to become equally effective in communicating with his wife and to lead her into a posture of prayer and intercession for him, her children, her community and even the purpose God has for her life. Wives who hear the intercession and prayers going forward from their husbands will realize that there is a great deal at stake and that their husband is interceding on her behalf and that his prayers will move the family’s safety and their future right into the hands of the Father’s purpose. A wife will also come to understand that his prayers and obedience to the Father is the covering that God expects for the head of the house to engage in daily.

Abraham went to great lengths to find a wife for his son that would help him maintain the blessing and fulfillment of the assignment God had for him.

Rebekah passed test to become Isaacs’s wife; which was great because he found the woman that could be his helpmeet, but make sure that the guy you say yes to passes this very important test as well. Prayer and intercession; “Will He Pray.” Knowing how to pray, and that he has a prayer life!  If he won’t talk to God He will probably not talk to you. Listen they were in love and seemed perfect together. But they had a problem, Rebecca was barren and Isaac had a promise and a assignment on his life. Yet his wife was barren! 

What is not working in your marriage or relationship that could hinder you from fulfilling your assignment?  Wives First priority is to invest your prayer life into the man God has assigned to you ake sure you have a man that pray.  (Genesis 25; 21-, 

Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The Lord answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

When things are not working for you or even lining up in your relationship make sure your spouse knows how to pray! Perhaps a couple could ask family, friends or others for advice, but remember they did not author your life; God did! Go to the Author and finisher of your faith and ask him for directions on your next move.

Since we believe that God brought us together, then go back to him about his plans for you and your spouse. Isaac had a promise over his life from God. And he counted on God to fulfill it. So when things were not adding up he prayed. And God answered.

A man that knows God will provide himself as the sacrifice. Genesis 22;6,. This is very important lesson on trusting God to provide Isaac learned when he was about to be the victim of his father’s obedience to God. So he trusted God to fulfill what he had said He promised to do.

His prayer life impacted her prayer as well. Rebecca not only reap the benefits of Isaac’s prayer life seeing God answer him when he prayed. But when she received the promise of his prayer request and it caused her pain. Rebecca now goes before the Lord in prayer inquiring of him what was this prompt is all about. In other words she had her own personal prayer life I believe because witnessing. The power and the effect of her husband’s prayer life. She prayed and God answered her.

Can They Carry The Weight Of A Relationship?
Having the Right People on Your Team

By: Overseer Jay Harrison Sr.

May 2018

One thing is for certain if you do not have the right people on your team or in your
immediate relationship circles eventually time and the storms of life will expose the right
folks and the wrong folks that you have allowed into your space. Most folks will learn
this lesson far too late in life after losing it all in the midst of unexpected storms that may
occur. I hope after reading this you will truly evaluate who has faithfully journeyed with
you, who you have allowed to tag along and those who can handle the weight of a
relationship with you.
I do not want you to falsely believe for one moment that everyone around you cares
enough about you or your condition to make room for you or to participate in your
healing and restoration!

Luke 5: 17-20 “ One day Jesus was teaching, and Pharisees and teachers of the law were
sitting there. They had come from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem.
And the power of the LORD was with Jesus to heal the sick. Some men came carrying a
paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. When
they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and
lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of
Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he said, "Friend, your sins are forgiven."

There were people sitting and standing around in that little house on the same block as
one of their friends and co-worker who happened to be a church member that everyone
knew was sick. Anyone in the immediate area knew that he could not come to see
Jesus on his own. What really stands out for me was the fact that the Bible said that the
power of the Lord was there to heal them.

What kind of people do you have in your life who are aware of your struggles and yet
they will keep every open door, opportunity and promotion to healing, restoration and
deliverance a total secret from you? The bible states that so many people showed up
that there was no more room to enter into the house. One could imagine that folks were
having a conversation on the inside about these men attempting to get this paralyzed
man into this house; “I’m not moving!” “I’m sorry but he got too much going on!” Nobody
has the time or patience to deal with all that foolishness! WOW, knowing full well the
power to fix him was in that small yet overcrowded house.

See some people like the Pharisees only want to be present to say they were there, but
there were four men who were genuine helper’s even though hundreds were there from
miles around to witness what would occur. Notice that four people helped lower this
paralyzed man down through the roof; his life challenges and all. How many could be
counted on in your inner circle to carry you through when the challenges of life strike?
How many people do you have crowding around you watching? There will always be
spectators around that might appear to have the tools, resources and knowledge to take
you through the door, but because of their unwillingness or genuine commitment to you
there should never be a greater expectation from them to be anything other than
spectators in your life.

Actual friends are able to put aside their own personal wants and wishes to see you get
the necessary help you need to fulfill your Kingdom purpose for the Father. Knowing
you would go to great lengths to help them accomplish their goals, dreams and purpose
for the Father.

These unknown friends carried him to the door, but the people already there would not
move or step aside to see him healed. True friends are never willing to give up on you!
These precise friends decided to carry him to the next level because they realized he
could not lower himself through the roof to the place of healing and restoration. What a
risk that these four unnamed friends took! The paralyzed man could have fallen off of
the mat or worse been dropped causing more severe injuries. What would have
happened if one of the men of them could gotten hurt while assisting the paralyzed
man? You need friends in your inner circle that are not afraid of getting dirty, injured or
despised through your healing process. These are the friends that cause a revival in
your life to occur.

Please remember that these same friends believed that the power of the Lord was there
to heal them from their infirmities. Make sure that you have the kind of friends who can
carry the weight of a relationship with you and know how to get you to Jesus so that you
can experience his divine healing and deliverance in your life.
When you are too weak and wounded to go on due to the challenges of life having the
right people with you during your weakest hours are vitally important; especially to those
who want to quit or give up on life. Make sure you have friends who are willing to take
you to the next level. And please by all means have those in your circle whose faith
Jesus can see.

I refuse to miss out on this! 

Relationship Circle

April 2018

By: Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.


  • Stop shifting the blame


  • Stop sitting around the wrong crowd too long


Scripture: John 5; 2-9,

"2 Now there is in Jerusalem near the Sheep Gate a pool, which in Aramaic is called Bethesda and which is surrounded by five covered colonnades. 3 Here a great number of disabled people used to lie—the blind, the lame, the paralyzed. [4] 5 One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. 6 When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

7 “Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.”

8 Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” 9 At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.

The day on which this took place was a Sabbath," (KJV, 



Have you ever sat down and considered why you are seemingly stuck in a rut? In the same spot year after year, or just missing out on every passing opportunity?

Listen, you are not getting younger in a year or two you will enter your 30s, this is when you really should begin to tap into fulfilling your purpose. By now you should understand the importance of making the most out of your day and knowing that time is given to fulfill purpose.  By now you should have established a course to prepare for the journey. Developing all the right relationships to assist with achieving your goals.


But why are you still sitting there stuck?


Come on, stop it! Don’t go another day without first deciding that you refuse to miss on this!


Now, quickly look at who you’ve been hanging with. If they are still standing on the same street corner sharing the same old stories about, could ah, would ah, and should ah.  GET UP!


You’ve sat too long around the wrong voices, and around those “going nowhere brothers”.


Hey if you don’t mind looking at the verse of scripture I choose to share this relationship cycle thought with you. There were all kind of sick folks there; blind, lame, and paralyzed. No wonder you haven’t done anything yet! If you keep hanging with people who have no dream of a better life! No vision! You will keep finding yourself lost on a street corner called nowhere!  Hey and if there isn’t anybody in your cycle who has reached outside of average, that means you are hanging with the wrong crowd. Find someone who has broken out of the rut, who left the corner and has explored the unknown communities where there are folks living at another level.

Listen it’s that someone who will come back and tell you it’s not easy, it takes hard work, but it is possible if you only refuse to miss out on this!

And lastly, stop shifting the blame! Where you are very well may be partly the result of listening and hanging with the wrong crowd. But you are responsible for every decision that you make. If you decide to walk according to the counsel of the unwise, stand in the way with average thinkers, and sit with the critics of those who are great achievers, then you will remain stuck in that same position wishing for better but always getting the same results, that is called insanity.


Get up! Roll up your mat and start walking towards your destiny and fulfill your purpose. That will cause others to be amazed at what has been accomplished by you.

Relationship Circle

By: Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.

March 2018

Another important way to Protect Your
Purpose is understand and then develop
skills to build healthy relationships. Listen, it
is true, no man is an island unto himself.

This phrase was first mentioned by a famous
17th century author “John Dunne,
He taught and believed no one was self-
sufficient, everyone relies on others.

The very fact that we need others to accomplish
whatever assignment or purpose we have
been given in life. I’m hoping by reading
the Protect your Purpose Newsletter. You
will gain the necessary tools to building
meaningful relationship with people who will
protect and not poison, prepare and not paralyze, and ultimately promote and not
prostitute your purpose.

All aboard! Shouts the conductor of the
commuter train as it prepares to leave the
station. All those who have purchased a
ticket are allowed on board. The travelers
may be on the same train, but they could all
have various stops or destinations. The
same type of activity will occur with the
different relationships in your life while on
the journey towards discovering, developing
and deploying your God given purpose.
Knowing who to let on or off your train
called purpose is so very vitally important
to protecting and fulfilling your purpose!

See, sometimes it’s not just about hanging
with right crowds, or running in the right
circles. Because at times the relationships
we’ve experienced with various people
have been seasonal. So many people
coming and going, what I want to help you

focus on is to make sure you take the right seat
next to the right person during the ride. Knowing
what season you are in and who to sit next to.

There are five types of people you should
look to sit next to at some point in your life.
A mentor, coach, leader, friend and

These relationship can be seasonal so
don’t miss out on them by wasting time
sitting in the wrong seat!