With the help of his mom Carolyn Mays, third grader Roshad took a hobby that he loved and turned it into a business. The Art Stand has been in business for a little over a year now and they have successfully hosted a number of themed art parties and classes.

After participating in a one on one art session Roshad knew that he wanted to be an art seller. His parents took  his passion for art and invested in art supplies to help him get started. He led his first party alone at his teachers art studio and was confident in doing so. He wanted to share his experience with others and that is one of the main reasons he got started with The Art Stand!

While the art parties are going on there is also something for the parents! The Art Stand provides informational sessions on a variety of topics such as, financial information, health and parenting and so much more!

How does The Art Stand give back to the community?

Twice a year The Art Stand gives free art parties at the Menchville House Ministries, which is located in Newport News, VA. After each art session The Art Stand donates money to the Rose and Womble Foundation, they fed over 200 families last year. 

What is next for The Art Stand? 

The Art Stand is working on marketing and branding outside of the normal group of people as well as working on expanding social media. In the future they plan to travel and offer these art parties to children and parents across the world!

How can the readers connect with you and learn more about The Art Stand and any upcoming events?

IG_ @the_art_stand

To schedule an art event call: 210-685-7906