Purpose in Decision Making

Purpose in Decision Making


Isaiah 48:18-19

“If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea.”

Isaiah 48:18 NIV





“We are always one decision away from a totally different life”


I’m sure we have all heard this saying one million times throughout our life, yet we still make decisions without thinking about the impact they will have on our life. 

I used to make impulse decisions (truthfully sometimes I still do..we are all still learning and growing together), I wouldn’t really think things through at all, let alone pray about the decisions I needed to make. A few weeks after making certain decisions I would start feeling the repercussions of not thinking things through clearly. 

Your life can certainly change in an instant and if you don’t think things through carefully, the wrong decision can definitely cause you a lifetime of pain. 

What I have learned over time with my own experiences and then listening to other people and some of their struggles is that we typically make decisions based off how we currently feel. We don’t think about the long term consequences of our decisions, and sometimes we don’t even consider what backlash they will have on the people connected closely to us. 

Let’s Get Real

One decision that I made in my life that affected me years later was improper use of credit cards. Boy do I know now! I never properly educated myself on the pros and cons of credit cards and the amount of debt you can find yourself in when they aren’t properly used. 

(Quick tip: Pay your credit card balance off every month. We give so much of our hard earned money away by carrying a balance over into a new month. One thing I learned about credit cards is that if you don’t have  the money to pay for it at the end of the month or even at the time of purchase then you don’t really need it..right?) 

Shopping was such a bad habit for me, if I wanted it I would go get it without second thought. I’m now learning to give myself a couple of days before making large purchases. Shop around, pray about it, think about if you will really need it a week from now or even a year from now. You would be surprised how much we waste money on things that we don’t even use after a few weeks.

Permanent Decisions

If you read my book “Don’t Go That Way: Protect Your Purpose” you would’ve read where I talked about a decision that altered my life in a totally different way. My son is such a blessing to me and I am beyond thankful for him. I know that God can take our bad decision making and turn everything around for our good, but it doesn’t exempt us from still having to face and grow through the consequences of those decisions. Single parenting in no way is easy, but when you're in the heat of the moment it's not really something that crosses your mind. You don't think about what it will do to that baby years from now when the guy that looked good to you at that moment is no longer around. The emotional pain the child will feel from every other weekend visitations, or the lack there of. See in that moment, your flesh has made a decision that you will feel for a lifetime. I had my son straight out of high school and I see that the decision I made which led to having him not only affected me then but it effects him to this day. At that moment you aren’t really taking a minute to think about what could possibly happen as a result of the choice you are about to make. 

It’s kind of like deciding to have one more drink and then getting in your car and the next thing you know you have crashed your car or got pulled over for something simple like not using your turn signal, but the officer suspects you have been drinking. Now you will spend the next few months or years suffering the consequences of that bad decision.

What works for them may not work for you... and that’s okay! 

Don’t allow people to convince you to make a decision right at that moment just because they give you a story about how it worked for them. Listen, that’s cool and all, but I realize the importance of talking to God before making a decision that can possibly change my life forever. Where someone else may be successful may not be the lane that God intended for you. Seek Him always!!!

  1. Know what your goals are in life and what things can possibly distract you from those goals
  2. Pray about each decision you need to make (no matter how small you think it is, God cares)
  3. Confide in someone you trust for their unbiased opinion 
  4. Do your research 

Scriptures to Help With Decision Making

Psalms 32:8

Philippians 4:8

Proverbs 19:2

Proverbs 21:5

Just because a bad decision is made doesn't mean that God won't forgive us and help us to get through the consequences that we may face. Always know that you can and will recover and God can lead you in a different direction if you trust Him. I am a witness of how He can turn your life completely around and use your story to help others grow. There is purpose in every decision that you make, so make sure that you decide wisely....your future depends on it!!

I pray that these blogs are helping you and encouraging you as we grow together!!!

~ Juanita N. Harrison