My Press.... I Just Can’t Give Up

Maybe I’m the only one who gets to the middle of the week and at times can’t figure out if I’m coming or going. The stresses of life seem to catch up to me all at one time. I always feel like I’m on GO! In the blink of an eye there is something that needs to be done, and there is only one of me to complete the task.

Sitting in my car for 30 minutes is sometimes the only breath that I’m able to take in an effort to recuperate for the next task. How do I hold it all together? Of course my mind tries to convince me that it’s not worth the stress and that I should just give up. I should just give up on trying to make my business successful. I should give up on my longing to be used by God in any area He needs me, because honestly how can He use me when I’m dealing with so much and I really can’t figure out how to make things work.

Some days I almost listen to that, but then I remember that I’m not alone. I remember that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me and when I hold onto that I’m able to make it to the next day. Some would tell you that every day is a breeze and that you won’t ever have doubts.

If that is true, then I haven’t reached that level yet. I’m constantly going before God asking Him to increase my level of faith because in all honesty some days I feel like I’ll break.


I’m a mother, sister, employee, author & business owner. I wear all these hats every single day and no it’s not easy. Some days I really don’t want to get out of bed, other days I dread checking my bank account to see what’s available to pay this month’s electricity bill.

I never put on like I have it all together because baby I don’t. I work two jobs, and I’m an entrepreneur who knows that I have potential and purpose to be a successful business owner. But I understand that there are risks associated with being a business owner. I know that everyone who says they will support you won’t.

I’m a single mother that foots the entire bill, literally. There are really days where I get frustrated and I ask why me…but then God says why not? I am again reminded that He will always make a way out of no way. I don’t mind being transparent because I know that everyone has their own struggles (still looking for these non-existent perfect people). But really though, God has made a way every single time. It’s not in my own strength that I have made it this far, because if I relied on myself I would have given up a long time ago. God changed my mind and helped me to understand the value in what I go through, It’s necessary for growth.


I’m convinced that giving up would actually cost me more than just continuing to press forward no matter what obstacles stand in my way. If I give up then all of the people connected to me will suffer. See that’s the thing about life, it’s not just about you. Every decision you make affects someone in some way. As a parent, a single parent more specifically, I don’t get the “luxury” of taking a break off from life. The bills don’t wait for me to feel better, my child still has to eat regardless of my bank balance. So I press, even when energy seems to be depleted from my body. I press even when it feels as if my hard work will never bring forth the reward I pray for.

I press because I know that regardless of my situation, God is able. I press because his strength is made perfect in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Every terrible thing I’ve ever been through, I survived. No, the outcome wasn’t always the way I would like but I survived. I’ve learned through my press to find joy in simply surviving. God protects us in such a way that even if we don’t always get our way, we will learn that in everything He does, His purpose is to prosper and not harm us, the press is necessary to teach me perseverance. So really though, you can’t give up, there is a great reward waiting at the end of your press. I had to learn how to encourage myself so that I could Protect my Peace. My press is teaching me how to Protect my Purpose.

Juanita N. Harrison

Juanita Harrison