Holidaze...Don't Go Broke for Christmas

Holidaze.. Don’t go Broke for Christmas


The holiday season can be a bit overwhelming, from family functions to decorating, and for some working overtime just to make ends meet. Some don’t really understand the anxiety that so many feel during this time, on top of the normal every day stresses.

I know as a single mother that really does everything on their own financially, the holidays can add a strain to your pockets. Your child brings you a list of everything that they would like to see under the Christmas tree, and then your friends and family members will go on and on about everything they will be purchasing for their children. You begin to compare what you’re able to do for your own versus what others are able to do for theirs.

We find ourselves feeling overworked, underpaid and unfortunately sometimes very unappreciated. So what do we do? We could keep going through the motions, working until we are physically and mentally exhausted, paying some bills late running up our credit card debt so that we start the New Year in a financial bind, or we can reevaluate the way we do things.

Yes, we all want to give our families and even friends that special gift that will brighten their day, but if we don’t learn how to shop smart, and have self-control when buying we will continue this same cycle of going broke for Christmas.

1)      Make shopping list before hitting the stores

2)      Start a Christmas shopping savings account, you set the budget, don’t touch that account until it’s time to start Christmas shopping, and DON’T spend outside of that budget.

3)      Use coupons and rebates- Apps like Ibotta and Ebates are easy to use, and with Ibotta you can even get rebates for groceries!

4)      Compare prices before hitting any stores

5)      And last but not least….Don’t pressure yourself to spend what you don’t have


The holidays should be fun, it should be about making memories. If you plan ahead you can certainly have a stress free holiday season without depleting your accounts and taking on unnecessary loans. Just remember the bills don’t go on pause. I’ve learned over time that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, so we have to learn how to stop putting unnecessary things on our plates. Your children will forever be grateful for what you’re able to do for them. The ability to provide shelter, clothe them, feed them and teaching them to respect themselves and others and giving them the knowledge of who Christ is, those are the greatest gifts that you can ever give to them.  


Happy Holidays from Juanita N. Harrison