When you make decisions in life do you ever really consider how it could affect you tomorrow, a week from now or even a year? We get caught up in all the social media trends and challenges, no matter how degrading, tasteless or ignorant they are. We forget the importance of guarding our hearts and minds. We forget to challenge ourselves not to do what everyone else is doing.

Proverbs 4:23-24 serves as a reminder that we are to guard our heart and keep our mouths free of perversity and corrupt talk. There are so many children on social media who look up to us and we forget to be mindful of that in an effort to get a few laughs, likes and re tweets in.

God is constantly reminding us of what we should put our focus and energy on (Philippians 4:8), but we allow the world to sway us with what looks cool or sounds good for the moment. How much of our time and energy do we invest into things, environments, attitudes, people and situations that bear no fruit?

What you invest in today lays the foundation for tomorrow! What God has planned for us in this next season of our lives requires us to elevate our thinking. And if we stay connected to Him and constantly in the word we will see clearly what He desires us to think on.  

With every negative thing that is constantly portrayed on social media, and the news we have to learn how to disconnect from it at times in an effort to protect our peace of mind. Disconnecting gives you the opportunity to seek His face so He can show you the next step to take. Our minds are so distracted by the chaos in the world that we are letting the chaos in our home and finances get out of control.

We are aware of everything going on in the world, but so unaware of what God is speaking personally to us. There are so many things in this season that we have to disconnect from in order to move to the next season. Challenge yourself to disconnect from every conversation, environment and situation that causes you to choose flesh over the will of God. Challenge yourself to be different, it’s okay to not do what everyone else is doing.

Juanita N. Harrison

Juanita Harrison