Fall Back to Get Yourself Back

Fall Back to Get Yourself Back


Definition of peak

  1. the pointed top of a mountain or ridge.
  2. a mountain with a pointed summit.
  3. the pointed top of anything.

How often have you lost a sense of who you were? Have you ever found yourself in a position where everything seems to just be all over the place. Your space feels a bit chaotic, your mind feels scattered and your emotions, well your emotions are everywhere. I've learned that often we reach a peak in life where everything seems to be going great and once we get to that peak we aren't really sure what to do next. We sometimes take our eyes off of the one who got us to that position in the first place, which leaves us trying to find the next direction for our lives.

Jeremiah 29:11 says that "I know the plans that I have for you", God has specific plans for our lives and what He has for us is far better than anything we could ever plan for ourselves. I have "lost" myself so many times in my life and each time I realized that I was disconnected from the plan God had for me, my life would always feel chaotic. I learned how to be everything to everyone else and forgot what I needed to be for myself.

The Peak?

That peak in life can be a very unique place, it can be great if you know how to move to the next thing, but a peak can be very dangerous if you aren't quite sure how to maneuver after you have reached it. 

When I was about 21 years old I was blessed with the opportunity to take over a store, it was my own business...yes at 21 years old. Everything was set up for me, employees, contacts, vendors, bookkeeper, accountant, everything the store needed to be successful was there. At 21 years old I had reached a peak in my life I was unprepared for, more money at one time than I ever expected to see in my life to be honest. So when I reached that peak I should have been so deeply connected to God because without Him I would have never had that opportunity, instead I began to disconnect from him. And the more I disconnected the more things began to fall apart. See, if I would have stayed connected to God He would have shown me the plan that He had for me in this moment. He was trying to show me who was for me and who was really just using me. During this time I didn't know who I was, and I ultimately forgot who God said He was in my life as well.

So the business that I was blessed with failed because I wasn't connected to the source that made it possible in the beginning. I had to fall back from everything that disconnected me from Him so that I could rebuild. 

Failure isn't Final

That place in my life where I literally hit rock bottom was very delicate, in my mind there was no way I could recover from that place, a place where I had literally lost everything. I had to start from scratch literally! It was one of the hardest seasons of my life, but I had to learn not to dwell on where I was and how it made me felt so that I could actually learn and grow in the season I was in. One of the mistakes that we make is that we constantly complain instead of taking a minute to see what God is showing us in the place we currently are in. The scripture, "and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." ( Romans 8:28). This verse is a perfect reminder that failure is not final and that regardless of the wrong turns or bad decisions we may make in our lives, God still has a purpose for us, and He will make ALL things work for our good.

Write the Vision 

One thing I learned  from that season in my life is that without a vision you will spend 100% of your time wasting time. Sometimes we are ALWAYS on GO without ever really having a plan, and before we know it everything has spiraled out of control. In order to get your life back on track and get yourself back you need to take some time in and write out your goals and the necessary steps to reach those goals. 

Write the vision and make it plain - Habakkuk 2:2

It's okay to take a step back to regroup, never feel like you have failed just because you were doing so well and need to take a step back to focus on the next season in your life. It's okay to fall back from things that drain you, depress you, hurt you or weigh you down! Fall back to get yourself back!


- Juanita N. Harrison

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