Game Changer: Know Your "Why"

Game Changer: Know Your "Why"

In the growing process we sometimes get to a halt on the journey. Things seem to be going pretty well so we think we can take a step back to some old habits, or stop and pick up a few weeks later and everything will be just fine.

I recently finished reading a book called "The Compound Effect" and it really blessed my life. In one part of the book the author talked about momentum. We get really excited when we first start something and then we sort of fall off (that's how we get in our relationship with God, but I will save that for another blog :)). We have all the tools that we need, the discipline and the desire to start that thing we wanted to do, it gets good for a minuted and then slowly we lose our drive. It hit me after reading this section that this applies to so many different areas of my life. The momentum is there in the beginning, but it's not enough to keep us going because if we forget why we are doing something, eventually that momentum can wear off. 

One thing I'm learning through my experiences as a mother, entrepreneur and business owner is that you need to always have that "why" in the back of your head. Write it down on sticky notes, put it on every mirror in your home, in your car and even on your desk at work. Whatever it takes to remember why you started something, or why you quit a negative behavior, do it! When you keep in mind why you're doing something it motivates you to keep your eye on the finish line.

Health Journey 

I started Herbalife about two months ago and in the beginning I was super excited and consistent with my new health journey (I learned not to call it a diet anymore because I never stick to those). But when things felt like it was just at a standstill I was losing a little hope, I lost a good amount of weight in a short period of time, but then nothing for a few weeks. I had to reach back out to my coach for some motivation and different tips to get me going again. I didn't give up this time like I normally would have because my "why" was different, and now I make sure to keep that in the back of my head. I know that I want to lose the weight and be healthier so that I will have more energy to do different activities with my son, god kids, nieces and nephews. I want to feel more confident and just feel good!!


Knowing your "why" goes for relationships too, actually it's super beneficial in relationships and even after getting out of relationships. After getting out of a toxic relationship it's easy to go through a stage where you feel lonely. That thought creeps into your mind to just send a text or go on their social media to see what they are up to. Baby don't do it!!! Until you've completely healed from that relationship, and even after always keep in mind why it ended. And do yourself a favor and stay single until you have healed you don't use a new relationship to heal from the last one.

Business Matters

As a business owner it gets a little discouraging at times when you are super passionate about your brand, but you are just having a hard time getting the results, support and new business customers and clients you desire. 


Keep in mind why you started that business, or wrote that book, always remember why you started that blog. Just because things aren't taking off as quickly as you want, it doesn't mean that you should throw in the towel. If your reason for starting it was meaningful to you, well then you will keep pushing.


Here is here you get a little glimpse of real mom, well parenting life. On social media you see that as a parent "everything" is perfect. The child is always listening or doing something funny, the child always brings home good grades. Truth be told, parenting isn't easy.

About a week ago my son gave me his third quarter report card and he was very disappointed when he handed it to me. This year has been a little tough for him. I may have been disappointed because there are certain expectations that I have. I'll brag and just say my kid is very smart, so when he doesn't perform at the level him and I both know he is capable of, well it can be kind of frustrating. But it hit me that there was a lot of hope here, see I wasn't the only one disappointed, he was too. So since his education is important to him as well and he desires to succeed we could pull out the "why's" for him. See it will never be enough for someone else to want better for you if you dob't even want it for yourself. So now we have a new game plan. He wants to be successful, go to college, own a few businesses and do much more. That is his "why" for needing to be focused and engaged in school now, yes in fourth grade.

Your growth starts now, sometimes it feels like you may have hit a halt or a few bumps in the road, but you keep going. Get refocused, check your game plan often, sometimes it needs to be refreshed. Whatever you do, don't give up and definitely don't go backwards.