Resurrected Purpose

Resurrected Purpose


We go through our life knowing that we are destined for more than we settle for. Attempting to fit into society norms we allow our purpose to fade into the background. We do what we think is necessary to survive without giving any more thought to the passion and purpose that lays deep inside of our hearts, the passion that constantly pricks our mind.

What if this year on Resurrection Sunday we remind ourselves to not allow our purpose to remain stagnant or in a tomb? Jesus died so that we can be saved and forgiven for our sins. I don’t know a love greater than that, how can you repay someone for sacrificing their life so that you can live? 

We can live life on purpose and with purpose. We can stop settling and grow into who He called us to be. 


Once I decided that just going through the motions wasn’t good enough for me and wouldn’t get me very far, I discovered who I was in His eyes. See when Jesus hung on that cross He had every single one of us in mind. He knew our purpose, yes even in that moment. 

He doesn’t want us to leave our purpose dormant because just as we needed Jesus to sacrifice His life for us, someone needs us to fulfill our purpose so that they can get a glimpse of hope.

When you understand that your purpose isn’t just for you that should motivate you to resurrect those dreams. It’s different when you realize that you are purposed for something greater than you could imagine, that’s what motivates your gifts and dreams and opens doors for you that no man can close.

I’m hoping and praying that you won’t allow the situations that caused you to put your purpose on the back burner to remain there. 

What happens when you don’t fulfill your purpose?

When you don’t fulfill your purpose you give depression an open door to walk through because you will never truly be fulfilled with your life. Discontentment finds a place to reside, and fear will attempt to have full reign in your life.

But thank God for Jesus!!! His Resurrection is a reminder that there is nothing He can’t defeat for us. What will the Resurrection of Christ motivate you to do? 


Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Juanita N. Harrison

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