Call to Action...Protect Our Children

Call to Action - Protect Our Children



This blog is unlike previous blogs that I’ve written, I’ll warn my readers, it’s a “little political” but necessary. 

The recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL., where 17 people were killed, both students and staff, has sparked mixed emotions across the nation. Some are calling for our government to implement stricter gun laws. Some are saying that the issue isn’t with guns but with the lack of quality mental health care.

Whatever your opinion may be, it is clear that something has to be done... NOW. As a parent I can’t fathom sending my child to school, and hours later learn that someone has decided to enter his school and begin shooting.

My question to local, state and federal elected officials, what is the plan? The constant back and forth arguing needs to be retired, why is there a debate when it comes to protecting our children?

In 2018 with us only being 2 months into this New Year, our country has already had a number of school shootings. Different sources say 18, some say 5 others say 8. I personally feel as if 1 school shooting is too much.

What will work? At courthouses there are metal detectors, at some inner city schools there are also metal detectors. It seems as though this nation is okay with criminalizing children who live in urban, poverty stricken communities with metal detectors as a way to keep weapons out, but not okay with placing those same detectors into schools in communities where these shootings seem to actually happen.

People are afraid that if stronger gun laws or gun control is implemented that their 2nd Amendment right will be threatened. Funny people care about the Amendments when there is conversation of gun control looming around, but when Football players and citizens all across America utilize their 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest the inequality against people of color by not standing for the national anthem there is nationwide OUTRAGE against them. What if we took that same energy and became outraged that our children aren’t properly protected while at school?

Maybe politicians fear the NRA? The NRA otherwise known as The National Rifle Association, is a Nonprofit organization and one that advocates for gun rights. They are very vocal about protecting the Second Amendment which is our right to bear arms.

Are politicians afraid to reform the laws on gun rights because they may lose the vote or financial backing of the NRA?

 Quote From the

Quote From the

It seems as though the conversation goes a little like this, “Oh no another school shooting”, “but don’t take my guns”. When will the cycle end? I’m a firm believer that stricter gun laws will not stop law abiding citizens from being able to carry. We can talk about reforming the way citizens that depend on SNAP (food stamps) receive their monthly allotment. Oh yeah, have you heard? According to an article written by the Washington Post, the Trump administration is considering offsetting some of the funds for families who receive more than $90 in food stamps a month with food boxes.

 Excerpt from an article written for the Washington Post, Feburary 12 , 2018

Excerpt from an article written for the Washington Post, Feburary 12 , 2018

Everyone is all for that, but against the conversation where we talk about stricter background checks for automatic weapons (AR-15 to be more specific, this is normally the gun of choice for mass shootings).

 USA Today

USA Today

To do nothing we are failing our children and risking their lives each day they go to school. These senseless acts of violence don’t have to occur. Parents shouldn’t fear sending their children to school and children should never be afraid to go to school. We can no longer stand on the sidelines simply sending our thoughts and prayers

Signed a mother who isn’t playing this mess!






Juanita N. Harrison - @_nita.bug

Juanita Harrison