A change of perspective can be the difference maker on our journey to reach our purpose. When we look at life as everything and everyone being against us we can never really see what God is trying to show us. 

There are so many times in life where we find ourselves pushing a little harder for a relationship or friendship to work out. We think if we just give a little more they will change, our current perspective can't see past the feeling of a broken heart.

Our negative perspective is a roadblock on this journey that keeps us holding onto people in seasons that have expired. Not only are we blocking our journey but we are holding theirs up as well. We don't understand that sometimes we are keeping others from allowing God to work on them by holding their hands in seasons God needed us to let go of it.

Don't be the roadblock on someone else's journey to finding their purpose. So often we think if we just keep pushing a little harder for our relationships to work or we just give a little more that they will change. Not only do we cause damage and frustration to ourselves, but we are trying to push someone into a position they aren't even ready for.

The only person who can change someone's heart is God. Listen when he is telling you that for a season you may need to let some people go. It is not only crucial for your growth but theirs as well. Just as the Lord needs to heal and repair your heart he needs to do the same with them. We cry for people to change but we don't give the space necessary for them to grow.  

Their growth may require your separation, especially if you consistently make excuses for their negative behavior.  

Juanita Harrison