Who's Guiding You?

Without us even being aware at times we have multiple people, material things and emotions guiding us. We wind up trapped in a box filled with baggage that we pick up at every stop along our journey. Not knowing how to break free of everything that has a hold on us seems to be the constant in the lives of so many people.


So I ask the question, who is guiding you? Where are they taking you? How will it affect your future? I have learned over time that in order for my purpose to be fulfilled I have to be intentional about who I allow to direct me.


We seem to allow people with no sense of direction for their own lives convince us of what our own value is. We limit ourselves of knowing who we truly were called to be. Involved in worthless relationships, consumed with pointless possessions and going nowhere fast.


Never seeming to understand the message behind I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God took his time with us, he promised to go before us and guide us. If only we would follow his lead we would be so satisfied. We would be fulfilled in him and not blinded to the things of this world that are only there to steal our joy when they no longer fulfill us.


Who is guiding you? Can they promise to never leave nor forsake you when the road gets a little rocky? Will your presence in their life slowly lose value over time?  While the intentions of man are never really clear , it has been guaranteed that God has plans to prosper us and give us hope for a future.


There is no one else who can guarantee us that significant promise. Yet, we still put more hope in people and material things than we do in the Lord. People fail us, material things lose value but the Grace of God is everlasting. He wants to lead us to places we have never seen.


We have to learn to survive without the deadly weight we carry that society tries to convince us that we need. When you begin to let God guide you the desires of your heart will change.

Juanita Harrison