The Struggle was His Inspiration ...JRKickz

Our very own Katelyn Davis had the opportunity to do an interview with Breon Barrett who is the owner of JRKickz, located in Parkside, PA. 

How many years have you been in business? And where is your business located?

I started my business 10 years ago but the first 8 years were spent researching, locating resources and getting into position. The shoe industry is very tough to get into so our official launch was 2 years ago. We are located on Edgemont Avenue in Parkside, PA

What led you to getting started?

When I was little I grew up poor, my family had a lot of struggling times. Being the oldest out of 5 I was the first to start working; cutting grass and shoveling snow. I used all the money I got to buy sneakers. My mom would get upset with me, saying I should help with bills. 

The struggle was my inspiration.

When I was younger I worked at an office supply company where I met a sneaker collector. We became friends and he taught me how to collect. I calculated that I had spent 7500 on sneakers and thought that spending that much I should open a store. Stop giving to others and invest in myself.


Community involvement and empowering Young people is something that Protect Your Purpose is super passionate about. So, how does JRkickz give back to the community? And how can the people from your community help?

The entrepreneur expo kicked off 3 years ago. It began by taking business owners, city officials and the community and bringing them all together. We shine light on new businesses, those interested in starting a business and the community. There we give clothes, money, and sponsorships. However, we are sponsoring events and programs with a positive message

What is one obstacle you faced in your career and how did you overcome that?

One obstacle I faced was lack of resources, without resources you are stagnate.

I overcame that by putting time in self development, self discipline, seeking info on my own, learning how to network, listening to motivation and creating my own resources. Now resources approach me all the time.


If you had to give one piece of advice to a young person interested in opening a business what would you tell them?

Never quit, never give up. Whatever it is you'll have to start at the bottom and if you don't give up you will succeed. Trials and tribulations are just to help you understand moving forward. Accept the process, the process makes you who you are.


How can people connect and shop with you that don’t live in your area?


Social media:


google- JRKICKZ 


Personal email

 JRKicz will be conducting a Sneaker Drive from December 3rd- December 16th to give 100 pairs of sneakers to help those in need during the Holiday. For more information contact Tori Richardson at (610) 800-1072