The Good, the Bad...But God

You really don't understand what God can do with your focus until you give your focus to Him.


The beginning of 2017 I was so depressed, overwhelmed and all over the place mentally and emotionally. I felt like I was alone, I even contemplated suicide (we so real until it's time to be real, so I'll be clear), I remember clearly how low I felt. I was making so many bad decisions just to try and make myself feel better, maybe I'm the only one who has ever felt this way. But God. He took the time to remind me that He wasn't done with me. All of my faults, failures, and the weight that appeared to big for me was a mountain He could move so effortlessly, but it required me to trust Him.

His love forgave me, and comforted me enough so that I could learn to forgive myself and others. His mercy and grace saved me. In my moments of weakness I kept hearing Him say, "Protect Your Purpose". Little by little He directed me out of my mess and helped me focus on my purpose.


Depression is real, and often it's hard to even explain how you feel. You forget that you have purpose, so you begin to feel like you aren't good enough, you feel as if you'll never be enough and that you won't accomplish anything.


But God is greater and His grace is more sufficient than you'll ever know. He beats depression every time..

I didn't think I had what it took to really fulfill the desires of my heart. And to be honest, I didn't, not on my own. I couldn't complete anything without Him.

With God ALL things are possible, not only did I overcome depression, I grew through it. I was able to publish my first book, launch my online store Garden Flags and More, start a monthly newsletter featuring and promoting small businesses and young entrepreneurs and start my blog. I thought I was too broken, but He reminded me that I was just right for what He needed me for.

Of course there will always be ups and downs, but when you follow after Him you will see that He keeps His promise of making all things work together for your good. (Romans 8:28)

Imagine what He has in store for your life. I shared all of this to say, never give up! Put your focus on your purpose and watch what He does with your life!

It's only the beginning!!

We Protecting Our Purpose all 2018


Juanita Harrison