Identity Crisis


    What do you do when the concept of Identity floods your life? As a child you dream about what you want to be in your future and all through grade school you plan to fulfill that dream. However, there comes a time when you look in the mirror and ask yourself what your true life purpose is..

     Answering that question is never easy, especially when living in a world that constantly strives to force images on all people. The enemy uses modernized tactics to attack our purpose. What better way to attack our purpose than by confusing us on who and who's we truly are. He uses television, magazines, celebrities and social media to show us what's cool and appealing to the flesh and in doing so creates a heavy fog screen on our purpose. We get caught up in the highlights and trends of the world and place God on the back burner. Once we do this we open up the door for confusion and allow ourselves to become puppets in the enemies game struggling to self identify.




    The enemy set out to destroy all, and the best way to do that is to attack mentality. When a person struggles to identify their true selves they become lost & depressed by thoughts that portray a lack of purpose. In my life I went through many stages of confusion; I knew from a young age who God wanted me to be but always tried to force fitting into the world. Many who are called by God run from the call and in doing so find them selves lacking true identity. Up until recently you wouldn’t see God by looking at me; he wasn’t in my music, in my language, nor in my actions. I kept God hidden away in a box that I  opened occasionally in private times and because of this I gave into the enemies version of who I was. Have you ever felt like the anxieties of life were drowning you? Anxiety comes from uncertainty & confusion. When struggling with anxiety it feels like the pressures of life are an ocean constantly crashing down on you. This opens the door for depression among other chains of bondage.

    Depression is a spirit that normally doesn't act alone. It is almost always accompanied by its companions anxiety, suppression, isolation, suicidal thoughts, and hopelessness. When dealing with the severity of this bondage you lose sight of not only yourself but your creator and you find yourself stuck in a cave of isolation. I found myself here for a long time, this is the true danger of an identity crisis.  



The Potter


    There is always a way out with God! To truly know yourself you must first know your creator. God identifies by many names, one he often goes by is the potter. Isaiah 64:8 says "Yet, o Lord, you are our father; we are the clay, and you our potter, and we are all the work of your hand." God created us for a purpose, in his image and likeness. He did not create us to be held down by bondage, nor to be tainted by a worldly image. We were formed under his hand to fulfill a calling in the earth and the only way to truly discover your calling is to truly know your father. Only God can reveal all the wondrous things he has in store for your life, and you can learn them by constantly seeking him in all your ways.