Watch what happens when you put your focus on your purpose.
— Juanita Harrison

My love for writing has always been present, but more recently I have found myself writing not out of hobby but purpose. I feel that my writing can and will help others as I write about issues that I have personally experienced. In my writing God continually said to me "Protect Your Purpose", and "Watch what happens when you put your focus on your purpose". I am passionate about helping youth and young adults stay focused so that they can fulfill everything they were created to do!



A little History...

I was born in Chester, PA on 9/20/89 and grew up in Williamsburg, VA where I graduated from Lafayette High School in June of 2007. I have one child, Jeremiah Harrison who is 10 years old.

Work Life...

 I am the owner of an E-commerce site which is a small business located right in Williamsburg, VA.